Different from Bagan – a classic, quiet, and introverted city in the countryside, Yangon is an extremely energetic city. Yangon will take you back to the modern vibe after a long day traveling the old time of ancient temples in Bagan. Let’s dress to the nines and figure out the top 5 activities for Nightlife in Yangon!

The top 5 activities for Nightlife in Yangon
The top 5 activities for Nightlife in Yangon    

1. Shwedagon Pagoda under the nightlife in Yangon

Shwedagon Pagoda must be the first place for your nightlife in Yangon. When the sunset light slowly fades and golden stupas’ shadows slowly slide in front of you, it will be a romantic mix of the charming dusk and the occult of 2500-year-old gilded stupas. You can also explore hundreds of structures made up on the grounds of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Its unique culture and crafts will make your nightlife in Yangon become more beautiful and exciting. 

Shwedagon Pagoda under the nightlife in Yangon
Shwedagon Pagoda under the nightlife in Yangon
  • Entrance Fee: 10,000 Kyats
  • Location: Shwedagon Pagoda, Ar Zar Ni Street, Pha Yar Gyi Ward, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

2. Cultural Complex at Karaweik Palace Restaurant

An iconic landmark is gently floating on the Kandawgyi Lake in the center of Yangon. Karaweik Palace is famous for its traditional Pann Sel Myo and Karaweik – mythical bird architecture. It created a unique attraction from other places in Myanmar as well as brought a luxurious feeling to your nightlife in Yangon. When night comes, it seems as if all of Myanmar’s cultural and artistic features converge here.

Cultural Complex at Karaweik Palace Restaurant
Cultural Complex at Karaweik Palace Restaurant

Coming here, you will have a chance to admire the unique Kanari, Kanera performance, Elephant Dance, Go Kyi Kyaw Dance, and traditional puppets shown by ingenious dancers in traditional costumes. Next to exciting shows is a great variety of authentic main dishes of Myanmar cuisine. Through these elements, it is easy to understand why Karaweik Palace become one of the must-try places for the nightlife in Yangon. 

  • Open Time: 
  1. International Buffet with Culture Show: 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  2. Myanmar Authentic À La Carte: 11:00 am – 8.30 pm
  • Location: Karaweik Palace, Kandawgyi Compound, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Town, Yangon City

3. Lovely Chinatown in Yangon

The local night market is always a wonderful spot for travelers. Chinatown on 19th Street is one of the authentic places featured in Myanmar culture. This is an ideal place for entertainment and nightlife in Yangon. This bruit street has many market stalls with plenty of Myanmar specialties.

Lovely Chinatown in Yangon
Lovely Chinatown in Yangon

Besides, there are a variety of clothes, household appliances, handicrafts, and delicate handmade souvenirs in the night market at a low price. Apart from purchasing various items, visiting Chinatown in Yangon is also the best way to enjoy the nightlife and get into local life here.

  • Location: 19th Street.

4. Strand Night Market – The newest market in Yangon

Whatever type of cuisine you want, the night market in Strand Road can always satisfy your nightlife in Yangon. Strand Road is a part of Chinatown so after visiting Chinatown, tourists can have a short walk to enjoy this night market.  Many colorful and flavourful food stalls sit along with the Strand Road night market, tourists will find out the most delicious food in Yangon. However, almost stalls don’t have an English menu because foreigners rarely visit this area. This is also the reason why you should list your favorite dishes before coming to Strand Road.

Strand Night Market - The newest market in Yangon
Strand Night Market – The newest market in Yangon

On this Strand Road night market, you will have a chance to try Burmese traditional street-side snacks, dishes, drinks, and desserts, such as Crabs with masala curry; fried insects, etc. There are also many kinds of traditional Chinese cakes. It is sold the whole year but is commonly eaten on Lunar New Year, Mid–Autumn Festival, and Ghost Festival; “snack couple” made from flour, quail egg, and beans, etc.

  • Open hours: 3 p.m – 11 p.m
  • Location: Strand Road

5. Night clubs in Yangon

It is sure that you have never imagined this Buddhist city will have a nightclub. Let’s dress up to the nines and head out to party in dancing nightclubs with contemporary DJ music. In the clubs, you don’t have to always dance but can find a calm place to chill with your friend or loved one or enjoy the moment alone. The clubs in Yangon have plenty of space for every customer wanting to let off steam and feel the beat after dancing or being stressed. 

Night clubs in Yangon - Pioneer Club
Night clubs in Yangon – Pioneer Club

 Below are the lists of some clubs that Go Travel suggests you should try once to have a bustling time! 

  • Pioneer Club: 330, Ahlon Road, Yangon
  • Fuse Club: 4th Floor, Myanmar Plaza Yangon
  • Penthouse: 8th Floor, Parkside One Building, 271 –  273 Bagaya Street, Yangon

With all these exciting places, Go Travel ensures that you will have wonderful nightlife in Yangon. Your trip to Yangon will be definitely a memorable one. Come to our website if you want to get a tour of Yangon or Myanmar!

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