The 5 best dishes in Hoi An that tourists must try once

When traveling to Hoi An, not many people know what the best dishes there are and where to eat. In this article, Go Travel will suggest you the 5 best dishes in Hoi An that you must try once.

Hoi An Ancient Town – One of the famous cities 

Hoi An Ancient Town is a famous city in Quang Nam province, an old town that remains almost intact with more than 1000 architectural monuments from streets, houses, communal houses, ethnic churches, ancient wells, etc. to the traditional dishes, the soul of the people here. A trip to Hoi An will captivate visitors with its timeless beauty, extremely rustic and idyllic.

Hoi An Ancient Town - One of the famous cities 
Hoi An Ancient Town – One of the famous cities 

This town is famous for its traditional, harmonious architectural beauty of houses, walls, and roads. Along with many ups and downs of history, Hoi An ancient town still retains the ancient beauty of silence and moss in each tile roof, brick, tree line, etc., the authenticity of the local people.

Hoi An Ancient Town
Hoi An Ancient Town

With unique architecture, the space of the house in there is always airy, full of sunlight, people, and nature as one. These things bring a comfortable life to the locals and the enjoyment of tourists during their trip.

The top 5 “must-try” dishes in Hoi An

Cao Lầu (Pork Rice Noodle)

It is not an exaggeration to say that if you have not eaten Cao Lau, it is considered that you have never been to Hoi An. Cao Lau noodles have a bright yellow color, because the flour is mixed with ashes of Melaleuca firewood to create a special flavor. Cao Lau is often eaten with shrimp, pork, char siu, raw vegetables…. The broth is small but full of flavor, creating the “soul” for the dish, which is considered to represent the old beauty of the old town.

Cao Lau in Hoi An
Cao Lau in Hoi An

Some delicious Cao Lau stores that you should consider are:

Mỳ Quảng (Quang Noodles)

If you have come to the Central region, you must definitely eat Quang noodles. Rustic, and simple but delicate, it is hard to identify when Quang noodles have become the favorite name of gourmets. Quang noodles are milky white, soft, and chewy. The fragrant rice smell of the noodles blends in the rich broth, the fatty leopard is eaten with raw vegetables, roasted peanuts, shrimp, meat, and poached eggs… it’s really perfect. Eaten with crispy rice paper is really right.

Quang Noodles in Hoi An
Quang Noodles in Hoi An

Depending on the type of Quang noodles, there will be other foods in the bowl of noodles, for example, Quang char siu noodles will have a few slices of char siu meat, Quang beef noodles will have a few slices of beef, Quang g noodles will be added a few slices of lean fish… As for special Quang noodles, most of them are full of shrimp, meat, ribs…

Some delicious Quang noodles stores that you should consider are:

Bánh Mì Hội An (Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich)

The ancestor of banh mi may be the French baguette, but Vietnamese banh mi has now become a legend in its own right. The word “banh mi” is literally translated as “bread,” but banh mi refers to a type of bread that can be stuffed with a variety of fillings, from grilled meats or sausages or fried eggs. There are many different types of bread, and different bakers have their own specialties.

Banh Mi Hoi An
Banh Mi Hoi An

Regardless of the bread, it is smeared with pate, pickled fresh veggies, butter, and sweet chili sauce. The baguette is supplied in a carry-on paper bag and can be toasted or untoasted. Banh mi is a popular breakfast, lunch, and snack cuisine among Vietnamese and international travelers because it is inexpensive, convenient, and delicious.

Delicious bread store that you should consider:

Cơm Gà Hội An (Hoi An Chicken Rice)

If you fall in love with the dishes in Hoi An, you will definitely remember the chicken rice dish “thousands of people love”. There are so many reasons to “drop your heart” for this classic specialty, from fragrant, chewy, flavorful shredded chicken to rice cooked in golden chicken broth. Add a little papaya salad and sweet and sour onions, it is truly a “beauty of the world”.

Hoi An Chicken Rice
Hoi An Chicken Rice

Hoi An chicken rice is cooked with shredded chicken, onions, and green onions. Shredded chicken is served over seasoned golden rice cooked in turmeric and chicken broth, with lettuce and herbs like coriander and mint on the side. A gorgeous trinity of juicy golden sticky rice, slick grilled chicken, and crunchy fresh greens makes for a light yet hearty comfort dish that satisfies the stomach and spirit without being overbearing or overpowering.

Some delicious Chicken Rice stores that you should consider are:

Nước Mót (Mot water)

Nuoc Mot, named after its youthful originator, means “water Mot” but is actually a herbal tea. Mot juice is considered healthy since it contains a symphony of herbs like ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon, licorice, and lemon, as well as green tea, chamomile, and noni. This added medical advantage is fortunate given how refreshing the drink is.

Mot water of Hoi An
Mot water of Hoi An

Drop by for a glass of cool Mot water to wash away the heat of Hoi An, or a drink of hot water to warm up the bone-chilling coldness of winter. Mot water, the drink’s moniker, has long ago transitioned from a sidewalk tavern to an inside pub with ample seating. Yet, the majority of individuals still choose to take it. Take a cup of Mot water with you as you explore the city’s nooks and corners, or rest by the river with a glass of water adorned with pink lotus flowers.

Delicious Mot water store that you should consider:

If this article appears on your page, it is definitely a sign for you to take a trip to this lovely town and try special dishes. Let’s pack your things and start your journey with Go Travel!

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