The top interest things to do in Chau Doc

Chau Doc (Châu Đốc) is a fascinating place to witness the confluence of cultures and hues that make up Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, with beautiful woods, lively riverbanks, and dazzling temples. This city may astound you: strange marshes, ethnic Cham communities, and evocative temples. So what are the top activities to do in Chau Doc? Let’s check it out!

Top activities to do in Chau Doc
Top activities to do in Chau Doc

Top activities to do in Chau Doc

Chau Doc is far 250 kilometers from the west of Ho Chi Minh City in the northwest region of the Mekong Delta. Despite its small size, it is one of two cities in An Giang province that play critical roles in the Mekong Delta’s economic growth owing to its strategic location. 

Visit the market

The market is one of Vietnam’s “specialties,” and each market will have unique features. The market has its own unique offerings. On the fringes, sellers serve steamy bowls of fish noodles and strong coffee, while boats draw up to unload products from all over the region on the shoreline. Bushels of flowers, fruits, and vegetables are arranged in eye-catching displays on the pavement. Take note of the antique calligraphy on the store signage, which reflects Chau Doc’s multi-cultural background.

Another kind of mắm in Vietnam - specialty in Chau Doc
Another kind of mắm in Vietnam – specialty in Chau Doc

When visiting here, tourists should try whiff of mắm. These kinds of mắm are made from fermented fish which is Chau Doc’s specialty. Wander around the market, tourists will notice piles of fish in the open air, pickled in palm sugar, salt, pepper, and garlic. The market is a flurry of activity and the finest place to get a close-up look at the Delta’s abundant food.

Explore Cham’s culture – one of Vietnam’s minorities

The two islets of Chau Doc, Chau Phong and Chau Giang, are excellent sites to learn about the ethnic culture. The Cham people brought their own particular architecture and Sunni Islam religious rituals when they arrived near the Hau River decades ago. Cham women wear veils and Cham men wear sarongs, and each community has its own mosque where five times a day prayers are conducted.

Explore Cham’s culture - one of Vietnam’s minorities
Explore Cham’s culture – one of Vietnam’s minorities

A stroll around the islets exposes historic stilt dwellings with wooden decorations.  Houses are linked by boardwalks that float above the river’s fluctuating tides. Watch Cham women create garments on intricate looms at a weaving studio. The checkered Cham scarves are the ideal accessory for Delta flights since they are lightweight and multifunctional.

Visit the floating village

The floating town is another unique attraction that travelers must experience at least once. When tourists arrive, their initial impression is of a serene existence with little boats gliding along the edges of the placid city. The boats pierced the water plants to make their way upstream to the Hau river.

The floating houses here were made with high-quality waterproof wood; a typical floating house might stretch to 100m2 in the region, with full bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and passageways, and an altar to honor the ancestors in the yard. The fish are bred below the floating buildings, which are entirely walled in with steel materials. 

Visit the floating village
Visit the floating village

At the floating village, there are handmade souvenirs to buy. Colorful brocade bags and clothes, wooden fishing tools, and little gifts from the Cham people were essentially appealing to the guests. The trip gathered not only new knowledge about the land but also the life, and culture of the locals living there.

How to get to Chau Doc?

Chau Doc is far 245 km from Ho Chi Minh City and 120 km from Can Tho City.

How is the weather?

Chau Doc, like other localities in the northwest region of the Mekong Delta, is impacted by the tropical monsoon climate and has two distinct seasons:

How is the weather in Chau Doc city?
How is the weather in Chau Doc city?

In general, the weather is pleasant throughout the year. During the rainy season, this city experiences severe rain beginning in early May, however, this is the ideal time to see the everyday lives of Chau Doc residents. The dry season in Chau Doc is generally bright and hot, but the temperature is not too high and does not disrupt tourism too much.

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