Halong Bay tour is famous for its majestic nature and special blue ocean, tourists will have a chance to admire these beauties when traveling here. Besides, tourists can also join in several adventurous activities. Let’s figure these things out with Go Travel in this article!

History of Halong Bay – the World Nature Heritage

Nowadays, many tourists want to take the Halong Bay tour not only because of its beauty but also its gorgeous and mystic history. Halong Bay has been shaped by tectonic activity for about 500 million years. According to historical data, prehistorical humans lived in this area tens of thousands of years ago. 

History of Halong Bay - the World Nature Heritage

The World Nature Heritage

The first story explains its unusual moniker, which translates as “Landing dragon.” When confronted with invasions, the Vietnamese, tradition has it, asked for a miracle. Emperor Jade sent a mother dragon and her children to defend the nation in response to the payment. They were spewing diamonds and jade, which converted into islands and islets dotting the emerald green seas to combat the enemy, which explains why the people find such a bay so attractive.

History of Halong Bay - the World Nature Heritage

History of Halong Bay

The bay has a long history that dates back to the Soi Nhu Culture (18,000-7,000 B.C. ), Cai Beo Culture (7,000-5,000 B.C. ), Halong Culture (3,000-1,500 B.C. ), and Feudal Era. The feudal period was crucial in one of Vietnam’s most heroic chapters when King Ngo Quyen used steel-tipped wooden stakes hidden in Dau Go Cave (meaning “Wooden stakes”) to prevent Liu Hongcao ships from invading the adjacent Bach Dang River. Bach Dang’s victory brought an end to 1,000 years of Chinese control, ushering in a new age of Vietnamese liberty.

Reasons why you should come to Halong Bay once

Beauty wonders with the majestic nature

Halong Bay will “steal” hearts from whoever traveling and adventuring this bay for the first time. It is easy for tourists to see all the wonderful pictures of Halong Bay on Google. Halong Bay is recognized as one of the World Natural Heritage in 1994 and 2000.  

Nature has blessed Halong Bay with stunning landscapes. Halong Bay, with its spectacular natural beauty, is like a delightful artwork that can be found nowhere else. People believe they are lost in a fairy realm when they sit on the boat and drop their spirits over the river, viewing a realistic image with all types of shimmering and fascinating patterns. There are oceans, mountains, caverns, clear blue skies, and diverse flora and wildlife.

Low price for domestic traveling

Because of its development, there are many Halong Bay tours with high and low costs for tourists to choose from.  Even though you are in the North or the South of Vietnam, you will find no difficulty to get a perfect price tour. Besides, Halong is covered by rich and plentiful nature, tourists can try fresh seafood with gorgeous sceneries. 

Lots of playful and adventurous activities 

Next to sightseeing, tourists can also have a chance to challenge themselves with plenty of activities such as jogging, diving, etc. However, the most interesting activities are kayaking on the emerald green water or climbing on the thorny cliffs of mountains and caves. If you like to challenge yourself, it will the best when you count the Halong Bay tour in your summer plan.

Lots of playful and adventurous activities 

Lots of playful and adventurous activities

Experience aesthetic attractions

Ha Long Flower Park

For tourists staying in a hotel in the Hon Gai area, Ha Long Flower Park is a must-see: waking up early in the morning, you walk in the park located on the bay’s shore, sightseeing while visiting the display areas of ornamental creatures, flower exhibitions, exercising in the outdoor sports and entertainment area, and so on.

Ha Long Flower Park is also a great spot for Ha Long to host a street dance night on the weekend evenings, with musicians and a significant number of young music fans in the city participating.

Poem Mountain

Bai Tho Mountain is 200 meters high and provides an attractive perspective of Halong Bay and the city. The mountain was formerly known as Truyen Dang, or Light Lamp, to commemorate the significant guard station of the Northeast gate that was responsible for illuminating the path for ships on the bay thousands of years ago.

Cua Van Fishing village

Cua Van Fishing Village attracts people because of the beauty that Mother Nature made for this country, as well as the simple things that drew them in, such as the bamboo boats in front of the dwellings and the buildings, roped together to protect against thunderstorms.

Cua Van Fishing village

Cua Van Fishing village

Rowing, pulling nets, squid fishing, preparing seafood meals, and other activities should not be overlooked when visiting Cua Van fishing hamlet. On certain occasions, such as weddings, you will be able to listen to the fisherman sing (as a kind of singing with many traditional folk songs from Halong Bay).

Try fresh and tasty seafood on Halong Bay tours

Aside from the magnificent environment that draws tourists to Ha Long water, the fact that the seafood is fresh in the water is another reason why many people select it. Visitors to the bay may enjoy a variety of tasty and well-known meals such as white sticky rice with squid, grilled oysters, fried sweet and sour sam, sago, shrimp vermicelli, ha soup, fried snails with soy sauce, and steamed crabs. Beer with fried crab with tamarind sauce.

Sleeping overnight at Halong Bay

Sleeping overnight on Ha Long Bay is usually something that many people look forward to. So, when you arrive at Ha Long Bay, enjoy the moments of resting on the yacht and watching the sunrise.

At night, Halong Bay becomes a sparkling sea with the light from the cruise, from the city, from the stars and the moon. You will be intoxicated by its night sceneries. 

Those are reasons why you should take a Halong Bay tour for once in your life. Experiences during the journey will explore your mind and bring you to a new world. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s pack your things and get ready to take the Halong Bay tour of Go Travel right now!

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