Vietnam will blow your mind with its magnificent nature and charming cities. It has many forests with significant nature in 3 different regions in Vietnam (Southern, Northern, and Center). Keep reading to figure out amazing places for your Vietnam adventure tour!  

Amazing places for your Vietnam adventure tour
Amazing places for your Vietnam adventure tour

Amazing places for your Vietnam adventure tour

For ages, this country has been a hub of trade, cultural contact, and even bloodshed. Vietnam is well recognized for its spectacular landscape and colorful hill tribes, breathtaking mountains, and white sandy beaches. Vietnam is currently one of Asia’s must-see locations. Here are some places that Go Travel collects for your Vietnam adventure tour.

Top places to visit in Southern Vietnam

Southern Vietnam owns one of Vietnam’s biggest deltas (Mekong Delta). It is the main region for exporting rice and owns many significant places and beautiful cities for traveling.

Tay Ninh Province

Tay Ninh Province is regarded as a lovely destination for all foreign and domestic travelers. When traveling here, visitors can admire the different spiritual architecture and join in famous festivals (Ba Den Mountain Festival, Dieu Tri Cung Festival, etc.) Tay Ninh’s landscapes are hypnotizing and diverse as well as the local specialties. However, the perfect time for traveling here is from December this year to April next year. If you are going to visit Tay Ninh, this province will be the greatest suggestion for your Vietnam adventure tour.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s largest economic and cultural center, with many bustling cities and tall buildings. Landmark 81 building set a record for being the tallest structure in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Even though Ho Chi Minh City is magnificent and lavish in its lights, it still retains the charming architecture of the French colonial period.

Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam's largest economic and cultural center
Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s largest economic and cultural center

About the beautiful scenery of Vietnam, surely everyone wishes to visit the city once known as the “Pearl of the Far East.” Besides, Ho Chi Minh City is a place where tourists can try several kinds of delicacies.

Dong Thap

Dong Thap was formed by the merger of Sa Dec and Kien Phong provinces in 1976. This province is also known as the lowest area in Mekong Delta with the exotic feeling of a wetland.  Dong Thap has a variety of breathtaking natural attractions that draw both domestic and international visitors. There are several places for tourists to visit, including vast rice paddies extending to the horizon with flocks of white forks freely flying; peaceful villages carpeted by millions of different flowers; homemade dug-out canoes completely shipped by flowers; locally owned lotus flower fields emitting a fragrant enticing smell for any visitors. Including this place in your Vietnam adventure tour will bring to you a wonderful experience.

Where to play in the center of Vietnam?

Hue City

Hue City, located on the Huong River bank, has 5 heritages recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage. Hue’s ancient capital is not only famous for its scenic spots and historical sites but also famous for its diverse and rich dances. Visitors can sit on a dragon boat walking along the banks of the Perfume River under the gentle moonlight and breezes. The shimmering electric lights make the folk songs more and more earnest and profound! Ca Hue is so elegant, so simple, yet so profound, and leaves listeners with an unforgettable feeling. That is the cultural beauty of the dreamland of Hue, and it is also a valuable spiritual product that needs to be preserved and developed.

Da Nang City

Da Nang is a popular destination for both Vietnamese and foreign tourists. The city is well-known for its clean air, pleasant people, and safety. Observing beautiful vistas and gorgeous landscapes in this city is an amazing experience for visitors. Furthermore, the beaches include extensive stretches of golden sand and deep blue water, as well as large bunches of fresh coconut.

Da Nang is a popular destination for both Vietnamese and foreign tourists
Da Nang is a popular destination for both Vietnamese and foreign tourists

Tourists may unwind, appreciate nature, and participate in water sports. Furthermore, the city features numerous major bridges, including the Dragon bridge and the Quay bridge, as well as a vast outdoor entertainment complex known as Asia Park. Da Nang has been preserved for its natural beauty, so many tourists count this on the Vietnam adventure tour list every year.

Da Lat City

Da Lat has traditionally been the region’s most popular destination for weekend getaways. Many locals call it “Le Petit Paris” (Small Paris City) and the town even has a mini-replica Eiffel Tower in the center! This hideaway town provides a pleasant change of scenery and a pleasantly chilly environment. There are numerous lovely homestays and hotels with French architecture. Da Lat is well-known for its many flowers, vegetable, and fruit varieties, as well as its magnificent terrain, evergreen woods, and minority communities. Visitors can also go to the Puppy Farm, where many adorable dogs coexist.

Special places in Northern for your Vietnam adventure tour


Sapa enjoys chilly temperatures in the summer due to its highland elevation. This is another aspect that many travelers admire and desire to experience when they visit Sapa in the summer. Sapa’s chill helps travelers feel energized. Sapa is also quite appealing due to the vast grandeur of the highlands and hills, in addition to the cold environment. Each layer of mist conceals green slopes. The locals are incredibly friendly. If you go with your family, try sitting around the stove, conversing and eating together. Your Vietnam adventure tour will be more exciting!

Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay, one of Asia’s great natural beauties, is the most popular day excursion from Hanoi. Ha Long Bay is a breathtakingly beautiful location in Quang Ninh province. It consists of around 3000 islands that rise out of the ocean and exude beautiful and enigmatic air. When visiting Ha Long Bay, travelers may take boat tours to explore the bay’s islands, caverns, and floating towns. Tourists may enjoy exquisite seafood at a reasonable price in addition to immersing themselves in the natural beauty. Visitors may sample various well-known dishes such as grilled chopped squid, oysters, sipunculid nudus, and so on.

Son La

Coming to Son La, tourists will be able to see a majestic mountain area and discover the unique cultural values ​​of the ethnic groups in the Northwest. Many short tours are organized, creating attractions for domestic and foreign tourists. In recent years, when the country was on the path of renewal, Son La also had many profound changes, especially in the field of construction. In the distance, bands of blue smoke gently bend along the mountainside.

Son La also had many profound changes, especially in the field of construction
Son La also had many profound changes, especially in the field of construction

During the tours, visitors’ footsteps will come to landmarks and cultural areas imbued with national identity. On the traditional stilt houses, visitors can enjoy special dishes with bold and attractive new flavors such as bamboo shoots, grilled fish, and lam rice. After admiring the scenic spots in Son La town, visitors can continue their journey to see the majestic and poetic sights such as Bat Cave, Dai Yem Waterfall in Moc Chau and to enjoy the atmosphere.

What do you need to prepare for your Vietnam adventure tour?

When traveling to other countries, especially the country that has different weather and culture from your country, you must prepare carefully.

  • Set a suitable time for traveling: When traveling to another country, you should know about its weather and the perfect time to visit. Because you can not enjoin your journey if the weather is not like what you expect.
What do you need to prepare for your Vietnam adventure tour?
What do you need to prepare for your Vietnam adventure tour?
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellant: The sun is quite powerful in Vietnam and it is very simple to get burned just by going about your everyday activity. It is recommended that you carry at least one large bottle with you to avoid sunburn.
  • Learn about Vietnamese culture: Knowing Vietnamese culture helps traveling easier and avoids misunderstandings. You will also not be taken aback by activities that have different meanings in your native nation.

 Vietnam has many places to travel from city to urban which can “explore your mind”. Go Travel ensures that with the suggestion as well as the notes, you will have a wonderful Vietnam adventure tour!

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